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My name is Dieke van Groningen, entrepreneur and mother of two beautiful children. I’m a mother who decided to follow my dreams. Despite a successful career started I decided to start my own business and develop a complete range of pure and natural care products specially for children. Why?

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in the skincare sector, I was raised by using natural quality products benefits your health. As a conscious mother, I was looking for natural quality products especially developed for children’s sensitive skin. Products without unnecessary additives and aggressive ingredients. Also my friends indicated to me that they were looking for these products and where willing to buy  quality skincare for their kids. It proved to be a challenging quest. Since I couldn’t find products that would meet my strict criteria, I decided to create them myself. Hurrah the idea for a completely natural personal skincare range for kids was born!

While researching the human skin and children’s skin in particular, I discovered it’s a beautiful organ, but an organ that has a lot to endure. Every day, we expose ourselves, and our skin, to things such as cold temperatures, sunshine, wind, long hot showers and in wintertime also central heating. Every day our skin has to work extremely hard to stay hydrated and keep up sebum production levels. This is especially the case for dry, sensitive children’s skin.

Loverock is not tested on animals, but on my own children!

Children’s skin is up to five times thinner and drier than adults’ skin. Their skin demands specific products with high quality ingredients. Products that are suitable and gentle for their skin. Products that help to resolve to the most common skin problems of young children like dryness and chapped skin, itchy skin, cradle cap and eczema. I truly believe that using high quality products for kids will contribute to a better health now and in the near future.

With this in mind I started researching which ingredients are safe to use in children’s skincare products, and which are best to avoid. Our starting point was to create high quality natural products, without nasties. Products with only pure and mild ingredients and that really work. Only the best from Mother Nature.

That’s why Loverock contains only childproof ingredients. Even better: we created all of our products in close cooperation with children and their parents, carefully monitored by the best professionals. Loverock is not tested on animals, but on my own children!

Talking about my own children, the Loverock brand is inspired by them. My son is called Pico, which means stone or rock in Portuguese. My daughter’s name is Amee, which is derived from the French aimer: love. Together they are Loverock and represent the differences between boys and girls: the sweet boys and tough girls!

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We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

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Dieke van Groningen L

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