Ingredients we avoid

What ingredients do we avoid?

The often disturbing reports on cosmetic ingredients in conventional skincare and sun care raise the demand for safe cosmetics. Especially when you consider that children’s skin is five times thinner and drier than adults’ skin, making protective skincare even more important.

Loverock products strictly contain natural ingredients natural ingredients. The face cream and sun protection cream only contain mineral sunscreens. In addition, all formulas are free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, genetically modified ingredients, silicones, PEG,  SLS/SLES and synthetic colourings.

Aggressive preservatives

All cosmetics that contain water and which aren’t pure distillates need preservatives to make sure the products remain free from bacteria. Preservatives kill bacteria and fungi, and therefore preserve the product for a longer time. This is especially the case for products containing natural plant extracts. Without preservatives, these products would be swarming with bacteria and fungi within just a couple of days, making the products harmful for your skin, eyes and the mucous membranes.

On the other hand though, many preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol are too aggressive, as they can potentially disrupt the natural skin balance. This is of special concern to already dry, sensitive children’s skin. That’s why Loverock only uses natural and Ecocert (the European standard for organic cosmetics) certified preservatives. We use less than 1% preservatives, supported by the natural preservative vitamin E and benzylalcohol.

Chemical sunscreens

Loverock creates sun protection creams without chemical sunscreens. Instead, we use mineral sunscreens with light reflective zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The advantage of mineral sunscreens is that they don’t cause allergic reactions as they are not absorbed by the skin, but form a protective layer on the skin. A child’s skin is immediately protected from the sun. Potential hypersensitivity due to prolonged use are minimal. In combination with vitamin E, the skin is protected from free radicals.

Loverock uses a new technology which results in a good balance between safety (high sun protection factor with mineral sunscreen) and user friendliness (spreadability). The renewed (Ecocert certified) formula leaves no more white trace, which is common with mineral sunscreens. Now everyone can responsibly enjoy the sun, especially children suffering from sun allergy or those with darker skin colour.

Essential oils

One of the most typical natural ingredients we often find in natural cosmetics are essential oils. Essential oils are, just like many other allergens, natural ingredients. However, many people don’t know that most allergens are of natural origin. That is one of the reasons why the industry developed synthetic alternatives.

Some essential oils are soothing and can be used with certain medical skin conditions. Most of the time, though, they are only used as perfume or preservative and as such, they can cause adverse skin reactions. In extreme cases, they can even be toxic.

This is one of the reasons Loverock doesn’t use essential oils. Instead, we consciously made the decision to use a hypoallergenic perfume in our products, to reduce the change of an allergic retain to a minimum.

Mineral oils

Mineral oil is a collective term for ingredients derived from petroleum, a fossil oil. Mineral oil is commonly used in skincare, because it is cheap, scent- and colourless and easily keeps for a long time. Mineral oils are occlusive, which means that they close off the skin by covering the skin with an impenetrable layer.

Mineral oils are added to many cosmetics. In fact many baby oils mainly consist of mineral oils. The ingredient list reads names such as: liquid paraffin, liquid petrolatum, paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum liquid, petroleum oil, white mineral oil and white oil. Vaseline is petrolatum’s sister. It has a waxy texture and therefore is not liquid, but it does belongs to the same family.

Mineral oil closes off the skin in a way that prevents other ingredients from being absorbed by the skin. Prolonged use especially causes skin dehydration and the need for constant reapplication. Children’s skin is already five times drier and thinner than adults’ skin, making it more prone to dehydration. Loverock has chosen to avoid mineral oils and instead use ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil and beeswax.

Synthetic emulsifiers

An emulsifier combines two ingredients that are hard to mix or wouldn’t normally mix at all. A cream is a water and oil based emulsion. Adding an emulsifier to the mixture will stop it from falling apart.

One of the most common synthetic emulsifier is PEG. PEG stands for polyethylene glycol. The abbreviation is usually followed by a number (e.g. PEG 2, PEG 40), which stands for the number of ethylene glycol units in the polyethylene chain.

Even though PEG is a synthetic ingredient, it is derived from a natural oil. Recently, PEG has received a bad reputation. During the production of PEG a substance called 1.4-dioxane emerges. According to the EU CLP division this is a carcinogen level 2 (suspected of causing cancer, insufficient evidence in humans, sufficient evidence in animals).

Loverock strives to make the best products for children and doesn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. We only add emulsifiers that have been approved by Ecocert (the European standard for ecological and organic cosmetics), hereby reducing the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum.

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES)

SLS and SLES are commonly used in cleansing products because they create a luscious foam. Lauryl or Laureth – are almost indispensable in shower gels, bath foams, shampoos, hand soaps and toothpastes. The same goes for special children products. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is one of the most powerful degreasing products. Because of this property, it is often used in the car industry for degreasing motors and cleaning garages and factories. Not something you want to rub in your skin on a daily basis!

It is proven that 60% of the chemicals we put in cosmetics, enter the skin and and thus the body. While using shampoos, shower gels, toothpaste, and so on, SLS quickly penetrates the skin.

It’s just that you don’t need foam to clean the skin. That’s why Loverock doesn’t use SLS and SLES and only uses natural ingredients to cleanse children’s body and hair. Soap-free and foam-free, in other words: pure, natural and safe!

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