Bath & Shower range

Bath & Shower range

Loverock products are free from harsh sulphates. Sulphates are synthetic foaming ingredients and powerful cleansers. Not only do they remove dirt, they also strip the skin’s natural oils (sebum). The result: dry, irritated skin with scaling, itch or dandruff. Especially children have very little sebum production and are extra sensitive to dehydration.

Sebum protects the skin from dehydration and infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Grant your children a chemical-free shower or bath. Use natural, gentle bath and shower products that foam mildly and let their skin and hair shine. Grown-ups too benefit from using natural products, especially with dry skin or eczema.

The Loverock hair, bath and shower range consists of the refreshing Rock Fresh Hair shampoo, the naturally bubbling Rock The Bubbles bath foam and finally the all-in-one Rock Fresh Skin hair & body shower gel.

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