Suncare range

Suncare range

Up to 12 years of age, the pigment system of children’s skin is in continuous development. During this time, the skin can hardly protect itself against harmful sun rays. Sun damage is very common at an early age, even though it’s not always immediately visible. At such a young age, cell division goes incredibly fast. So fast in fact, that some damaged cells don’t heal correctly, which can cause skin problems later in life. That’s why it’s essential to prevent sunburn in children.

Loverock natural sun care range offers optimal protection during and after sun exposure. We use Ecocert certified organic mineral sunscreen that reflect sunlight. The skin is immediately protected upon application and it reduces the probability of sun allergies. Next to UVA-A and UVB-B protection, our sun products also contain ingredients that protect against dehydration and the harmful effects of free radicals.

Good sun protection is essential for a child’s skin. Not just on a holiday, on the beach or at the pool (water and sand reflect 30% of the sun’s rays, burning skin extra fast). It’s just as important in the garden or at school. Apply sunscreen on time and use extra protection such as a hat, sun glasses and/or UV-protective clothes. Avoid the sun between 12 and 16 o’clock as much as possible.

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